About Us

Formed in 2010 by three people who believe they can provide a class leading service in the field of asbestos removal, particularly for smaller or more complex projects needing individual personal attention.

Our three directors have a wealth of experience in hazardous waste removal and, in particular, asbestos removal. Steve Rhodes, our Operational Director, has worked in the industry for over 25 years, for one of the country’s leading asbestos removal companies including:

Within the industrial sector – power stations, furnaces, refineries etc.

Commercial buildings – banks, insurance offices, hospitals, residential properties and (leading) department stores. We also many smaller projects, including housing, domestic garages, etc.

Environmental Statement

Our company affirms its commitment to global environmental protection and recognises the importance of incorporating environmental issues within its business decisions and activities. We acknowledge the potential for serious environmental impairment which could arise from our contractual operations if these are not carried out in an environmentally responsible and quality manner at all times.