Many schools, colleges or universities that were built before the year 2000 will likely have asbestos built in its foundations. At Rhodes Asbestos, we have the expertise in working in an educational setting whether that’s during, before or after term or study time.

In our latest blog, we’ll break down where asbestos is most likely to be found and removed from as well as how South Yorkshire’s finest asbestos removal experts can help!

Where asbestos removal is commonly needed in an educational setting?

As previously mentioned, asbestos was a common material used in construction before its hazardous properties were discovered in 2000.

Asbestos will often need to be removed from the following areas:

  • Floor or ceiling tiles
  • Asbestos cement sheets that were often used in roofing
  • Spray-on asbestos – this was used as insulation and fire protection
  • Thermal insulation for boilers or water piping
  • Asbestos-insulating board (AIB) – this was often used as insulation and fire protection

Given the varied locations that you find in an educational setting, whether that’s a classroom or gym, our team at Rhodes Asbestos have the know-how to adjust to any environment.

For more information on how to manage asbestos in schools, universities or colleges, visit the Government website here

How Rhodes Asbestos can help

At Rhodes Asbestos, we set the standards and the rest follow. You can see that in our membership of esteemed organisations such as UKATA, CHAS, ConstructionOnline and SafeContractor.

To successfully remove asbestos from an educational setting or any project for that matter, begins with a survey of the affected area. We will then make recommendations based on our findings as well as an operational statement.

This survey allows us to get as much detailed information as possible for the job at hand – this is where you’ll see the benefit of trusting your asbestos removal and management to one of Europe’s most effective teams in Rhodes Asbestos!

To find out more about asbestos removal in detail, click here.


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