Here at Rhodes Asbestos, we aim to showcase each project we work on to increase awareness and understanding of the safe removal and disposal of asbestos.

In our latest case study, the Rhodes Asbestos team was called to an ambulance station to conduct an asbestos removal in the East Midlands from asbestos insulation residue and debris via encapsulation.

This was done as part of a more extensive operation across the region to make all buildings/outbuildings safe with asbestos contamination for reoccupation.

Asbestos Removal East Midlands

With all asbestos removal projects, our aim first is to discover the precise location of any asbestos residue, debris and/or contamination.

Once our specialist team has done this, we erect a temporary sealed enclosure (see above). Constructed from high-grade plastic, this ensures the safety of both our staff and any other permitted site members.

There may be a need for specialist equipment on some projects, and this call-out was no different. A negative air mover (see below) was installed to extract ‘negative’ air and provide ‘positive’ air for ventilation purposes.

East Midlands Ambulance Station | Asbestos Removal | Negative Air Mover

Asbestos Disposal

East Midlands Ambulance Station | Asbestos Disposal

All appropriate signage must be visible to carry out a successful asbestos disposal and removal (see above). This is not only for the safety of the customer but also the safety of our staff.

Once the temporary sealed enclosure has been checked for structural integrity, a removal can then take place.

To do this, our staff will enter the enclosure in complete bodysuits and breathing masks to ‘bag’ all asbestos residue and debris.

This initial bag is then sealed by our fully-trained team to then be ‘double bagged. After ‘double-bagging’, the asbestos is safe for removal from the temporary enclosure and transported to an appropriate licensed disposal area.

East Midlands Ambulance Station | Asbestos Disposal

To find out more about asbestos disposal and removal by Rhodes Asbestos, please telephone your local office on the following numbers:

Sheffield enquires: 01142 349 240

Rotherham enquiries: 01709 377 530

Alternatively, email or use our online contact form here.