In our latest Rhodes Asbestos blog, we’ve decided to show our team hard at work on this recent Asbestos removal job!

On one of our biggest recent jobs, we were called out to this historic church in Rotherham to conduct Asbestos disposal and removal.

Health & Safety on Site

As you can see, our staff and client’s safety is paramount to Rhodes Asbestos. We are fully compliant with current COSHH regulations and provide all appropriate PPE/clothing to ensure the safety of all. This is even more important now, with all work carried out adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Asbestos Removal

While on-site, the Rhodes Asbestos team conducted a successful removal and disposal of asbestos. In preparation for removing hazardous asbestos materials, a temporarily sealed enclosure is constructed from high-grade plastic around a wooden frame, sealed with adhesive tape (see photos).

When asbestos hazardous materials are removed, they must be carefully bagged within the sealed enclosure. Bags are carefully sealed in the initial bag and then further “double-bagged” before removing the sealed chamber.

asbestos removal from church

Asbestos Disposal

A Type H vacuum cleaner, also known as an H Type Vac, is used to conduct a safe removal and disposal of asbestos. This utilises a high-efficiency filtration system to contain the collected contaminants.

A decontamination unit is used following asbestos exposure. This comprises an entrance area where clothing can be removed, a separate shower area, and a final drying and dressing area with a completely separate exit. All sites are individually sealed, containing any contaminants on the removed clothing and the residue from the wearer’s body following showering.

church asbestos removal

For more info on asbestos removal and disposal, click here.


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