Domestic Asbestos Removal – Garages and Carports

At Rhodes Asbestos Services, we’re experts in domestic Asbestos Removal and serve Sheffield, Huddersfield, Leeds and the South Yorkshire region as a whole.

domestic asbestos removal

Our asbestos removal services are fully compliant with current COVID-19 guidelines. A customer’s health and safety, as well as our employees, are of the utmost importance to us.

In our latest Rhodes Asbestos Service blog, we’re going to talk you through our processes for the removal and disposal of an asbestos insulating board from a domestic carport or garage. This is done under fully controlled conditions to then allow a contractor to install a new roof.

Asbestos Removal – Carport/Garage

garage asbestos removal

Customers looking to have a new roof fitted will first need to check as to whether they need asbestos removal beforehand. Due to it’s hazardous and toxic nature, contractors will not be able to commence work until the asbestos insulation board has been completely removed, safely and successfully.

That’s where we come in at Rhodes Asbestos…

How we remove asbestos safely

Before the removal of any asbestos can take place, for the complete safety of our employees and customers alike, a non-permanent sealed enclosure will need to be installed in the garage/carport. Constructed using a wooden frame and high-grade plastic, this temporary structure is then sealed with industrial adhesive tape.

Our expert team will then enter this sealed area in full regulation safety gear including bodysuits and breathing apparatus.

How we dispose of asbestos safely

Once the asbestos has been removed safely, it then has to be disposed of, starting in the non-permanent sealed enclosure.

Our specialist team will start by placing the asbestos in industrial-grade bags and seal them. These bags will then be “double-bagged” for extra safety before being removed from the enclosure. Once all asbestos has been removed and sealed in this manner, it will then be transported to a secure licensed area for disposal. Work on your new roof can now begin through your contractor of choice!

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