Asbestos Garages – Rhodes Guide

Q: Does my garage roof contain asbestos? How do I find out?

A: Only a site survey and testing will be able to determine if your garage has asbestos for certain. Please contact us for more information. We conduct asbestos surveys and testing on a regular basis for many of our valued clients.

Q: Can I remove the asbestos in my garage by myself?

A: We would highly recommend that you do not try to remove asbestos yourself. This can put everybody in close proximity at risk. Always let experienced and trained professionals take care of any asbestos removal. Doing it yourself is highly dangerous.

asbestos garage

Q: I am considering buying a house which has an asbestos contaminated garage…Is the house safe to buy and if so how expensive will it be to dispose of the garage?

A: The product used on an asbestos contaminated garage will have been asbestos cement, which has an asbestos content of between 10-15%. If it’s in good condition and not being abraded – or going to be abraded – then it will not be releasing dangerous quantities of fibres. The garage should be monitored so that if the condition begins to degrade it should be removed at that time.

Q: I have an asbestos contaminated garage that has come to the end of its economic life and needs to be removed. I am being told that it will be very expensive, as I need to use a licensed contractor. Is this correct?

A: You do not need to employ a licensed contractor, but you do need to use one that is compliant and disposes of the asbestos as per HSE guidelines. Rhodes Asbestos however are licensed and therefore highly experienced and recommended in these matters.

To help with removal of asbestos from your garage then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help