Do you think you may have an asbestos problem in your home, garage or office space in Rotherham?

To find out for sure, you’ll need an expert Asbestos Testing Rotherham service from Rhodes Asbestos!

In our latest blog, we’ll discuss how we test for asbestos and why there’s only one choice for Asbestos Testing in Rotherham: Rhodes Asbestos!

Asbestos Testing in Rotherham

Asbestos Testing in Rotherham needs expertise and a high level of training. At Rhodes Asbestos, our testing team continually updates their knowledge on asbestos and the health and safety procedures that must be implemented to carry out asbestos removal and disposal.

We can either make recommendations on where to test the asbestos sample, or you can use a provider of your choosing.

We can also recommend an independent company with accredited operators. They have a proven track record in asbestos testing on all property types.

Should asbestos be found, that is when our expert team will arrive on site and safely remove and dispose of your asbestos problem for good!

Asbestos Project Management

Successful project management begins with a survey. Separate recommendations can then be made.

Once these recommendations have been accepted as the correct course of action, asbestos testing, removal and disposal in Rotherham can occur.

For testing, survey and sampling of Rhodes Asbestos require:

  • Contract location;
  • Scope of work;
  • Assessment;
  • Construction of stripping zone;
  • Position and construction of airlocks;
  • Negative pressure requirements and extraction rates;
  • Tent inspection and smoke tests;
  • Respirator specification;
  • Location of decontamination units and specialist plant
  • Asbestos removal technique;
  • Air monitoring strategy;
  • Safety and emergency procedures;
  • Asbestos disposal;
  • Schedule of specialist materials;
  • Schedule of specialist equipment.

It is vital that testing is carried out by highly skilled and experienced staff. At Rhodes Asbestos, we certainly have that!

The surveying process, if carried out incorrectly or with insufficient care, can add to the dangers of asbestos contamination.

At times like this, you’ll see the real benefit of trusting your asbestos management problems to one of Europe’s most competent and experienced asbestos management specialists – Rhodes Asbestos – and their approved sub-contractors!

Contact Rhodes Asbestos today for Asbestos Testing in Rotherham!

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There are many ways to start your journey to an asbestos-free home, office or garage space.

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