At Rhodes Asbestos, you might be surprised to find that we still regularly get calls to come and remove asbestos from schools and educational environments.

Working with councils in both Sheffield and Rotherham and many others across South Yorkshire, we have successfully removed asbestos from many schools, universities, and other educational settings across the region. Why, though, was asbestos used in the first place?

This is the question we will aim to answer in our latest Rhodes Asbestos blog!

Why was asbestos used?

Products containing asbestos were commonplace in the construction and building industry, starting in the 1950s right through to the 1980s. Until its total ban in 1999, asbestos could be found in many different environments in an educational setting.

Before the severe health risk was discovered, products and materials containing asbestos were considered at the forefront of insulation technology. Subsequently, asbestos products were used by many leading construction companies when starting work on buildings, in this case, schools.

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Discovering asbestos in schools & education

Asbestos is often found a lot later than it should be. Sadly, this can often be found due to mispractice/mismanagement during the time periods already mentioned.

On discovery of asbestos, the problems that Rhodes Asbestos often encounter are, but not limited to:

  • Asbestos maintenance have not been undertaken as regularly as it should’ve been
  • Misplaced paperwork/essential information regarding the original installation has been lost. This is often down to simple human error or a change in staffing.
  • Outdated/inferior quality surveys have failed to locate asbestos products or materials in the past
  • The management and re-inspection of asbestos have either not been done, forgotten about or simply mismanaged.

How we can help at Rhodes Asbestos

As South Yorkshire’s leading Asbestos Removal specialists, we’d be more than happy to help your school or other educational settings successfully and safely remove asbestos.

Please call 0114 234 9240 today to speak to a member of our friendly customer service team and put the safety of your school first!