In Yorkshire, we’re a proud bunch, and we also like to stake a claim or two from time to time.

At Rhodes Asbestos, our claim is that we are the undisputed choice for Yorkshire’s Asbestos Removal Company. It’s a bold claim for sure, but it’s one we’re standing by!

In this latest blog, we’ll pitch this claim, and we’re sure that by the end, you’ll be in full agreement that Rhodes Asbestos is Yorkshire’s Asbestos Removal Company!

A Personal Service to be proud of!

Here at Rhodes Asbestos, we run our business with our customers and our staff in mind.

Each customer and employee is treated as you would treat a friend or family member.

We cater to individual needs and ensure that Rhodes Asbestos is a pleasure to work with and for both customers and employees.

Our Prime Objectives as Yorkshire’s Asbestos Removal Company

Every business should have prime objectives that they live by, and Rhodes Asbestos are no different.

Our prime objectives are:


Integrity for us could be something as simple as getting the little things right on our jobs, so the big things don’t go wrong, setting the highest safety standards possible or ensuring that all our staff/operatives have sufficient training to carry out tasks.

Having integrity is doing the right thing every time for the benefit of our customers and staff alike.

Rhodes Asbestos strive to achieve this, always.


Our ethics can be put across in a straightforward statement; ‘We Set the Standards the Rest Follow’.

By giving 100% in everything we do, we can proudly say that we’ve given our all to our staff and customers alike.


Every business wants long-lasting partnerships with its customers; it’s the ultimate goal.

At Rhodes Asbestos, we strive to work with customers looking to enter long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.

We’re pleased to say that this strategy has paid dividends for us, with many of our partnerships lasting decades and still going strong!


Each business, customer and employee is individual and needs to be treated as such.

By being present in all of our conservations and business dealings, we can handle each with the sensitivity they require, should it be needed.


The work we do, not just in asbestos removal and disposal in Yorkshire but also in waste management, positively impacts customers.

We’re contributing to making their business a safer and healthier place to work or, in domestic cases, live.

It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and what will continue to give us a sense of achievement and the gratification of a job well done!


Setting goals is essential for businesses. Our main goal is to become Yorkshire’s go-to Asbestos Removal Company, and we’re well on the way to achieving this!


Goals then lead to growth, and as a business, we’ve come incredibly far since Rhodes Asbestos directors and father and son Stephen and Wesley Rhodes spotted a chance to make a difference in asbestos removal.

With the help of Ryan Poulter, Rhodes Asbestos now provides a leading service in asbestos removal, particularly for smaller or more complex projects needing individual personal attention.

Environmental Impact

Finally, all of our work is done to positively impact the environment.

By disposing and correctly removing asbestos and waste, we make a small contribution to combating climate change and making this planet we all call home that tiny bit healthier!


To learn more about Yorkshire’s Asbestos Removal Company and get a free quote, call 01142 349 240 (Sheffield Office), 01709 377 530 (Rotherham Office) or fill out our online enquiry form here.